My name is Kathleen Weatherby and I am lucky enough to get to teacher some amazing students up in the senior school in the 4/5A classroom.

In 4/5A, the students and I work together on building a community within our classroom, where all students feel connected, engaged and empowered. We have developed a growth mindset, where we focus on celebrating successes and setting achievable individual goals. Being up in the senior school, we also focus on building independence, resilience and strength to assist the students as they progress into high school and beyond.

This term, our integrated focus is on Global Studies! We are loving researching new and interesting facts about different countries around the world. Students have been working extremely hard on their information reports that they have researched.

The senior school students are also able to take part in various sporting days throughout the year. This term we have had Cross Country and we have Rugby coming up too.


4/5 Weekly Timetable:


Tuesday: Digital Learning in the Lab

Wednesday: Spanish, Digital Learning in the Lab
 Visual Arts, Sport

Friday: Assembly